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Find Excel Formulas easily by using AutoComplete

Did you know you can find the formula you’re looking for by typing only a few characters? I’ll use the spreadsheet below as an example that might help you follow along. Let’s find out which employee at a car dealership sold the most BMWs each month and the number they sold. Here’s a sample spreadsheet we can work with:

Sample Sales Spreadsheet


  1. You’d click in cell E4 and type an “=”.
  2. Then you’d type the letter “m”. A box would pop up listing all the formulas starting with that letter.
  3. You’d double-click on the word “MAX.”
  4. Next you’d select cells B4 through D4. You’d see a dotted line around them.
  5. Last, you’d hit the Enter key. The number 7 would appear.

I hope you were able to follow that! Maybe you’ll now be able to apply it with other formulas in your own spreadsheets.

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Used with permission from Microsoft.

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